Tarot Readings

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1 card spread:
For when you need to simply reflect on where you're currently stationed - a bit like looking in the mirror. Come away feeling like you know where you stand with yourself.

3 card spread:
We focus on your recent past, present, and near future. This spread is more directive rather than reflective, and helps you refine your clarity of purpose before moving forward.

10 card Celtic Cross:
A more holistic spread, the Cross is effective for major turning points in your life or when you need to make a deep, serious assessment before moving forward.  

10 card Celtic Cross + astrological chart (north node-centric):
Warning: This is NOT your average “your sun is in Scorpio!” assessment. I examine your lunar nodes to determine your soul’s purpose and pull a Celtic Cross to see where you’re at in your journey. You gotta kind of already be into astrology for this one.

NOTE: Once you've placed your order, I will reach out by email within 24 hours to begin your reading.

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Tarot Lesson
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